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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Consulting

Creating Transformational Cultures

Works with company leaders to design, assess, and review their organizational structures and policies to create measurable systemic change at work and help them transform their company culture while building a strong foundation that supports equity, diversity, inclusion, and belongingness strategies.


Executive & BIPOC Coaching

Expert Guidance

Helping committed White and BIPOC leaders and executives develop leadership skills to create, build and support inclusiveness and belongingness in their organizations. Self-work is key to leading and asking others to join you in transforming the organization.

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EDI Training &

Customizable and Interactive

Engaging, interactive, educational, and customizable workshops for C-suite leaders all the way to entry-level staff, including Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We create spaces for honest and open conversations for small teams to large organizations across all industries to transform and move forward Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belongingness strategies.



Knowledge. Motivation. Inspiration.

Delivering speeches on a variety of topics such as inclusive leadership, equitable workplaces, diversity, and inclusion, mentoring, effective feedback and communications, intent vs impact, belongingness, women's and BIPOC women's leadership. 


Mentoring Program Development
& Training

Grow, Retain and Attract Talent

We develop customizable and effective mentoring programs, that support the training and management of mentors and mentees across all levels in the organization, including Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help grow, retain, and attract new talent.


Our CEO left it all on the TEDx stage!

That's right! On January 25th, 2020, our CEO and Founder, Cinthia Manuel, had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deliver a passionate and heartfelt talk on her idea 'Why is Mentoring Backwards?' on the TEDx McMinnville stage. She left it all on the stage and gifted us with personal stories and pro tips to take ownership of our mentoring relationships.


Don't wait--watch it right now--it's guaranteed to change your mentoring journey.


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WHAT we do


Cinthia is one of the most talented and passionate leaders in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion world. She is optimistic, compassionate, and always operating through an equitable lens.  She provides effective and practical tools individuals can implement in their organizations. Cinthia is intentional about creating a brave space and invites individuals to lean in and embrace discomfort as they embark on their own Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion journey. Her energy and uplifting spirit is contagious and inspiring.


Cinthia helped the Emerging Leaders team to work from an inclusion framework, encouraging inclusion and equity (the too-often subordinated elements of DEI) not simply as a lens but the foundation of all the initiative’s programming and operations.


Cinthia uses her passion, love for community, and joyful spirit to engage and uplift folds of color. She speaks truth to power in ways that aim to connect and educate folks to be part of the solution towards equity, diversity, and inclusion. She takes the time to hear your needs and your goals and will stretch to help you reach those. She is a powerful leader, who genuinely connects, consistently seeks new learning, and always pays it forward.


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