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Our Philosophy

Committed to Transformation

Autentica Consulting is a firm that specializes in transforming organizations by creating spaces for courageous conversations, drawing from lived experiences from each member of the organization, to build equitable, and inclusive workplaces with a sense of belongingness. We want to help organizations create an environment that:

  • challenges the norm

  • opens space for everyone to show up automatically

  • grows together by including all voices (especially those that have been marginalized)

  • outlines strategies to measure the effectiveness of their equity, diversity, inclusiveness, and belongingness (EDIB) initiatives, and strategies.

We are ready to walk alongside you and your organization on your EDIB journey. We believe change is possible because leaders were meant to lead, transform, and innovate and we want to use that energy to transform and help you sustain change long after we are gone, not only in your organization but the communities in which every member of your organization lives.


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The Values We Stand For

The Values We Stand For




We believe every person has an obligation and an opportunity to change; to bring the best of themselves in environments where inclusiveness and belongingness are present, and therefore lead to systemic change to create equitable organizations and communities.

We believe that in order to show up authentically in your workplace and your community you have to feel safe, heard, cared for, supported, and respected. One's authenticity needs to be welcomed by fostering inclusive and equitable policies, and modeled by their leaders.

We believe in honoring every person's lived experiences. When we embrace and honor their values, beliefs, and experiences we have a great opportunity to open the door to empowering every individual to thrive and build equitable organizations and communities.


Meet our
CEO & Founder

Cinthia Manuel

Cinthia is an equity, diversity, inclusion, and leadership development consultant, facilitator, strategist, and coach. She is a first-generation Latina, an immigrant, a bilingual (Spanish/English), bicultural immigrant from Mexico City. Her immigrant experience, combined with being raised in one of the whitest cities in America, has given her a broader lens to bring strategic transformation to organizations. She facilitates learning and skill development by integrating leadership skills across the organization using experimental learning, inclusive leadership theory, and use-of-self to create organization-wide change. Works across multiple dimensions of difference to help organizations develop equitable and inclusive strategies that facilitate communication and system-wide change.  She brings over 19 years of experience working with racially diverse communities and organizations in different capacities in Fortune 500 companies, for-profit, national foundations, and non-profits. 


Her dedication towards building a racially diverse and equitable workforce in Oregon led her to be recognized by the Portland Business Journal as one of the 23 Business people to watch in 2019. She is also passionate about building mentoring programs for organizations and Employee Resource Groups -- her models and passion landed her an opportunity to share her story on the TEDx stage this past January!


She holds a Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management Certification from Georgetown University and completed a Masters in Business Administration from George Fox University. She currently serves on the Latinx Community Advisory Board for the Oregon Community Foundation and served in the alumni advisory board of the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She has also served as a national scholarship reader for the United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

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